its midnight and im homesick

by all day tombstone

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my first attempt at a short album.
i wrote all 7 songs late at night and recorded them at around 9 AM.
there's no actual music behind the vocals, as this was basically a test album. i have never written songs before so i thought id give it a try before looking for more members.

all songs are written and sung by me.


released December 20, 2014




all day tombstone Illinois

just some kid trying to sing his heart out.

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Track Name: thank you
id like to thank you
for all the things youve done
id like to thank you
for being my loved one
id like to thank you
for taking care of my
cause you know i cant do this alone
cause you know i cant do this alone
id like to thank you
id just like to thank you
for just being you

thank you
Track Name: its late and im thinking of you
its 12:36 am
and im crying again
just cause
i cant
be near you

i miss you
i miss you
i miss you so very much

ive never felt this way
ive never known this day
would come again
oh no,
oh no oh no oh no -

its 12:38 am
im smiling again
im smiling again
at the thought of you

oh its true
Track Name: winter never ends and neither do my feelings
why do i feel this way again
im sad again
im mad again
i dont know what to say

oh, i dont know what to feel
my dear

i love you so
i love you so
please stay, dont go
Track Name: im tired and i dont know what to do
the warm feelings back

maybe itll stay this time
but maybe itll go,
oh no
oh no
dont go

i need to feel again
i need this warmth
i need you
my dear
Track Name: dont leave dont stay
get away from me
get far away
i wanna get dragged down to hell
because maybe ill belong there

wait a minute
wait a minute
hey hey
dont get away
i gotta have you by my side

i dont know what to do

dont stay dont go
dont leave dont come
wait just please
dont go away from me
Track Name: i try to comfort you but all that comes out are purrs
youre always so sad
you quiver too much
theres something salty on your face

come here
my dear
ill lick the pain away
just bury your twisted face into my stomach
to lull you to sleep once again

because you know
i care about you so

wipe the tears away
stand up straight and say
that youre done, its over
no more dealing with this

youre back again
tears form again
just grab my paw
ill keep you safe -
just dont let go
Track Name: 1:01 AM and five more minutes
im tired and i need to sleep
but your words still haunt me
every time i close my eyes
i see those strange messages

what about me?
you dont care about me
do you?

i love you so
but you already know

i wont let go
i wont let go
please dont let go